Josh is a Michigan native who relocated to Seattle in 2008 after visiting for a week and falling in love with the West Coast. He attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in Management. Upon moving to Seattle Josh entered the fitness industry working on the sales and operations management side of the business. After working for 6 months, and seeing what the trainers did every day, Josh had no question what he wanted to do. He wanted to coach people in how to loose weight, gain muscle, build strength, gain confidence, and change their lives.

As a child Josh was always active playing baseball, ice hockey, basketball, golf. Then as a teenager (the awkward years) he gained weight. Gained weight, lost confidence, and lacked self esteem. That lack of self esteem and confidence washed over into every facet of his life. He was afraid to try out for sports, afraid to talk to girls, afraid to even take gym class because he didn’t want to take his shirt off in public. It was miserable.

Then when he got to high school he picked up tennis and started lifting weights. He leaned out, became more confident, started talking to girls and by the end of senior year he starred in a school play, lead the senior trip to the Bahamas, made homecoming court and was voted class president.

So for Josh, fitness has been a huge game changer in his life! That’s what fuels him in his own life and what inspires him to teach other people how to do the same. Because he wants other people to experience the same feelings of courage, confidence, self worth, pride, and accomplishment that changed his life as a teenager.

These days Josh “The Fitness” Hunter is a ACE certified personal trainer residing and operating in the Downtown Seattle area. He trains clients in their homes and apartments, runs outdoor athletic bootcamps, runs athletic bootcamps at Community Fitness in Roosevelt, and teaches circuit training classes and trains at Rival Fitness in Capitol Hill. He is also a lifestyle & fitness model with Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited Agency in Portland.

Josh The Fitness Hunter looking up at the camera