The best day of the summer?!

Wow, today was such a fun day!! Like, one of the top days of my summer!

I went to horsetail falls in Oregon today to do a shoot for the new 2016 Ford Explorer. (Thank you Molly @ SLU Agency) All I knew beforehand was that the scene would be a family on a road trip and I was playing dad. (Yikers I’m that old already…) So I was like cool, hope I get to work with some fun models. I pick up Stacy (Mom) in West Seattle Monday night and we carpool down to Portland. 3 hours in a car with someone brand new will let you know real quick how the rest of the shoot will go. Stacy was super cool, we chatted the entire way down and shared similar health professions and tastes in music. She was also super goofy so we got along just fine!

We got to the shoot early, which is kind of a big deal for us on CP time. I get in and meet everyone and these kids were the cutest kids EVER! Good looking kids of course and also some of the nicest kids I’ve ever met.

The boy, Jett,  was 12 going on 13, had on pink braces and a pink shirt, and had too much swag for his own good. Kid played point guard in basketball, trumpet, saxophone, and was going to learn the trombone next. He was a super cool kid and a bit of a smart ass. By the end of the shoot he was telling your mamma jokes and flexin guns on Stacy. He told me “your mamma’s so old, when she goes to ancient history class they just talk about what they did last night” and “your mamma’s so fat, when she was baptized they took her to Sea World” Smh… Damn kids…

The girl, Naya, was 9 years old, tall, and freakin adorable with her giant curly hair and even giant-er smile. She was also so sweet and polite you couldn’t look at her without thinking: “Nyawwww” The girl could draw, paint, and was a soccer player too. She also told me a joke that killed me dead. With a little yellow dandelion in her hand she goes: “Give me your hand.” She grabs my hand and says “A bunny goes hopping through the woods… and pee’s all over it” then proceeds to rub the yellow flower allover the back of my hand, leaving a yellow “pee” trail down the back of it. I stared at my hand for a second, not believing that this cute little girl just rubbed flower pee all over the back of my hand, then lost it and cracked up laughing. She just grinned at me. Damn kids…

The creative director was a super cool cat too. Andrew and I hit it off talking about working out, as he had gained 20lbs over the last year doing Crossfit. He cracked up every time I talked about “Dem Gainz Bro!”

The actual shooting we did lasted probably all of 40 minutes. We shot 20 minutes of us walking back and forth then broke for lunch. After that me and the kids went out and bounced a lacrosse ball around the parking lot, getting continually scolded by the stylist. Lol She kept going “you kids be careful! Watch out! Don’t go in the street! Don’t break any windows!” I’m thinking “Lady I’m a grown ass man, I got this!” But I just rolled my eyes and made faces at the kids like “Pshh whatever” It was so much fun, makes it even better when you’re getting yelled at too! Bahahahaha

After about a half hour of her yelling at us we decided to switch games and play Ninja. It’s where you have to try to touch the other peoples karate hands one move at a time. Naya was the defensive specialist and Jett kept tagging me out. (damn kids!) It was a pretty fun game that utilized reacting time, isometric squatting and lunging, body control, and a little agility. I’m gonna put it as a warm up drill in my next bootcamp. >=D

We had to stop playing to do the second round of shooting which lasted another 20min and after that they said the day was over and we could all go home. Done! In at 10 and out by 4! I grabbed all my shit, said goodbye to everybody, told Andrew to look me up next time he was in Seattle, and peaced out. Stacy and I hit the road back to Seattle, yucking it up and having deep talk about life and music the whole way back. Now I’m home early enough to blog about it and post some photos before bed.

Today I got a day off of work, got to take a road trip to Oregon, meet and hang out with some cool people, meet and hang with some cool little people, smash some good food, and get paid to do it. Today could not have been better in any way. It really made me want to start looking into how I can have more experiences like this through modeling. I never really thought about expanding this part of my world but today really peaked my interest.

Thanks for reading. Usually I try to have a moral to the story or something I learned but I don’t have any moral today. It was just such a fun day shared with such cool people and I wanted to share my joy with you. Some days in life suck, most are just okay, and some rock. Today rocked and I’m grateful to all the people who allowed me to participate in it. Yay for life today!

My next post will be about happiness: how to find it and what it means to me. Cheers and thanks for your time and mental space!

Oh PS: “Stacy got a big booty in those stripes”. I was in no way coerced or intimidated to say the preceding statement…