How can I be more EFFECTIVE!?

FullSizeRenderLast night I organized my calendar into 6 categories so that, at a glance, I can see where my time and energies are going. When I can see where my energies are going then I can see why something is or isn’t growing.  Each category is an essential piece of my life that needs tending to, anything that doesn’t fit into one of these categories is a life waster and needs to be replaced by a value activity. The 6 categories I chose are:

1)Big 3 goals: the top 3 goals in my life RIGHT NOW. When I reach one goal it’s always replaced with a new goal. Sure I have a TON of goals but you can really only focus on completing a couple of them or you just get lost and nothing gets done. My big 3 right now are: 1. Getting the Fitness Hunter project fully firing and off the ground 2. Decrease my training hours and make more money per hour 3. Relieve the constant pain in my joints and muscles.

2)Social life, personal relationships and fun times. I gotta be connected with people and relax sometimes. All work and no play makes Joshy a dull boy.

3) Big 3 responsibilities: the top 3 things that need to be done in my life in order to keep my life functional and balanced. There’s more than 3 responsibilities but I like to focus on the top 3 so that they’re done the best. My Big 3 Responsibilites are: 1. The daily work duties of my job, because I need money to pay the bills 2.  Tending to my personal space and body/mind, because I need to be healthy and low stress so that I can be productive and progress my life 3. Spending time with the important loved ones in my life because I need people and people need me.

4) Home and health care. Having a clean and organized space to operate in is essential to lowering stress and maintaining focus. Having health in both mind and body is also essential to growth. These things need tending to on a daily.

5) I added Networking to my categories because I often feel I’m spending too much time “hanging out” with people. I categorize some interactions as networking because I’m adding goal driven value to those interactions. Yes I’m hanging with a friend AND we’re politicking on how we can grow together. It is something I need to do to expand my world & opportunities. I save simple fucking around and jack-assery for the social life & fun category.

6) Personal development/investment time is essential for anyone trying to grow. I need reflection to see where I’m at and if I’m thinking and acting in the right directions. I need to read to better myself. I need to write or talk or think or draw in order to process some of life’s challenges and decompress. I need to invest time in me so I can be better for the world around me.

048 So this is how I see my world right now and I feel I can fit most value activities into a colorized category. Then when I pull back and look at my week & month I can see where the lion share of my energies/time went which helps me understand why some parts of my life may not be growing the way I want them to or why I’ve been successful lately because I’ve been pouring time into a specific area.

I wanted to share this because it may help you to start to organize your life and see where your time is going. For instance you may find as you go that you’re watching 3 hours of tv a night (#2 fun time). That’s all and well but if you’re not making the money you want to make, your relationship sucks or you aren’t in the physical condition you’d like to be then you may want to take that 21hours of TV (that # 2 fun time) and convert some of it towards your goals (#1 Big 3 time). Because if you’re just relaxing to forget about the stress of being in debt or your bad relationship or fat gut, you’ll just stay in debt, stay unhappy, stay fat and stay wasting your time in front of the TV.

Time tracking & prioritizing  is a good habit to get into in the in the process of having the life you want. Become the driver of your life, not just a passenger.