Luck favors the prepared

quote_prepare-16857“Luck favors the prepared” Is a quote that I’ve often heard and find to be true. When you’re working hard at whatever goals you’re following and you’ve put in the hours to really get to a place of mastery, then when opportunity comes along you’re in the mindset and the right position to take advantage of it.

I want to tell you about what a phenomenal week I’ve had this week and how hard work pays off in ways you never expect.

040 Sunday I got an email from a Seattle startup company called SODO Apparel saying they wanted to sponsor me with some free gear! What?! Are you freakin serious!? So I went down to Westlake Center to visit their pop up shop to see what was up because I half thought they were screwing with me. Nope! I get down there and Madeline the manager tells me “Yea we found your website and saw that you’re the type of guy we’re looking for. You’re into fitness, you blog and do cool stuff so we’d like you to wear some of our gear, give us some feedback and tell your friends about us.” Boom, just like that I’ve got a clothing sponsor! I also get to test out their new apparel as they release new lines. 030

First of all I’m CRAZY flattered that they contacted me! I’m just trying to represent and share a life well lived and it’s cool to see that another brand can resonate with me. Second, I’m grateful for the opportunity to test it out. The gear is really comfortable and nice! Third I’m proud to be able to rep a local start up brand that’s striving to update mens fitness fashion. Check out their website: There’s definitely a hole in the market for designer mens fitness clothing and they’re challenging the big boys for that piece of the market by giving us more options to look fly while being fit. So the week started off right with that.

A little back-story on the next part: If you’ve checked out my website at all you know that the goal of the Fitness Hunter project is to deliver quality video content on a consistent basis. Well that hasn’t happened. The long term goal is to produce a weekly TV or web show having to do with fitness and travel. That hasn’t happened either. I started off strong at the beginning of the year with an amazing videographer and made a couple sick videos but the project stalled when he started getting big projects that took him out of state for months at a time and we just couldn’t make it work anymore. GREAT for him but not so much for the project. So since then it’s been stalled.

Last Saturday I decided it was time, no more bullshitting on my long term life goals. So I started talking to people I knew that did video and work with stuff like this. I talked to a friend who does video and it turns out he’s got experience in start-ups and knows people who invest in projects like this. After sleeping on it he said to me: “Dude I thought about it and this project sounds sick! I wanna help you plan this out and work with you to get funding so you can bring it to life!” So we’re in the process of planning this project out and shooting a pilot episode! If everything goes the way I think it can go, for the first 6 months of 2015 I’m going to travel the US and make a sick ass fitness show!” I don’t want to let too much out of the bag yet either but this show is gonna be really good and a blast to make!

Then Thursday I got invited to do a casting call for a local modeling shoot. Nothing spectacular but still more practice!

Friday, last night, I went to see an up and coming local hip hop artist named Turtle T perform a quick set at a dope hat shop venue. Super talented, super cool guy. We chopped it up after his set and connected on Facebook. I’m hoping to work with him on a theme song for The Fitness Hunter. I like his style, check out his website you can listen to & download his free album at


IMG_0202Then to top it all off today, my friend Tae competed in her first state chocolate competition where she was judged on a bon bon plate (which were for tasting and were delicious) and a sculpture piece (which was edible but you’d better not!). The grand prize for winning was for a trip to Paris to take a 3 day Chocolate course at some fancy culinary academy. She took second in both categories, which was a little disappointing, but ended up taking the win for the overall best entries and got the trip to Paris!! AND a trip to Chicago to study there too!! AHHHH! I’m so proud of her and happy for her. Tae is so damn hard on herself, I’m really glad that all her talent, sweat and tears were rewarded today!

This was a great week of successes, but best believe none of it came free. I got a clothing sponsor because of the work I’ve put into building my brand, filming video, blog writing, modeling and putting it all online so people could find it. The Fitness Hunter is being reinvigorated not just because I snapped my fingers and and made it happen, but because I haven’t given up on my dream and I had my project ready to go when I met a producer who’s got the skill to make the dream a reality. Turtle T is steady pushin, perfecting his craft, striving to grow, and I guarantee it hasn’t been all sunny days and awesome parties. Tae’s big win today came from months of sometimes working 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week, coming home exhausted and crying out of frustration. What I’m getting at is “Luck Favors the Prepared”. Work hard, get your shit together, stay focused on what you really want. Then when lady luck comes a knockin, you’re waiting for her at the door with a bouquet of flowers and a smile on your face.