Personal training is THE ideal way to maximize your time in the gym and get the MOST out of your gym experience.

Personal training is like a class on improving your exercise knowledge and kicking your ass. You’ll benefit from learning the proper and most effective ways to strength train and also to improve your athletic conditioning. Having a coach in your fitness life is like adding gasoline to a fire:

  • You’ll show up consistently
  • You’ll be more accountable to your workouts and living healthily
  • You’ll learn new and varied ways to challenge your body
  • You’ll learn your way around a weight room
  • You’ll have a coach to help perfect technique and enhance performance
  • You’ll have someone who believes in you even on days when you don’t


Private Training is a 1on1 tutoring session that provides you with focused coaching and the dedicated attention of your instructor. This option is best for students that are just beginning or feel they need the undivided attention of their coach. Workout programs are also tailored specifically to the abilities and needs of each student.

(all prices are pre-tax)

Sessions: $75 per session


Partner training is a great way to bring in a friend to learn, work and play with you. Having a partner increases your level of accountability, adds some fun to the process by sharing the pain and results, and also saves you a little cash which everyone likes! Partner training works very much like 1on1 training except you share your session with another person. You may or may not be on the same program, it just depends on your abilities and needs.

Sessions: $125 per session


Semi-Private training is the same as partner training except with you add one more person to the mix to save some more cash. Everyone is following their own programs, just sharing the same time and the same coach. This is a great option for the student who is confident in the weight room so they don’t need 100% attention but wants coaching sessions for accountability, motivation, and the structure & consistency of following a professionally designed program.

Sessions: $50 per session


Small group training is the optimal way to maximize your time and leverage your cash. A small group constitutes 4-6 people working out together on the same program, learning and growing together. The program is tailored to the goals of the group in general and the coach is there to move back and forth between students to make sure they’re working safely and effectively. Small group training is a great way to build a small community of workout colleagues and also get the benefits of personal training at a third of the cost of 1on1.

12 sessions: $35 per session