WTF are you drinking NOW!?


Here’s the next entry into the WTF category of my diet. To reiterate, I’m lazy as hell in the kitchen, hate cooking for myself, and don’t like to eat vegetables. So I try to mix and mash up all my healthy food in order to eat it as fast and painlessly as possible. There’s a time and place for the culinary arts, here is not where you’ll find it. So anyways…

In my attempts to be a healthy, fit individual I make an effort to get vegetables into my diet. Only thing is I hate broccoli like a fat 10 year old… Seriously. I hate cooking and eating veggies. BUT it’s a necessary component in delivering the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that my body needs to operate at it’s highest level. SO, how can I go about shoving as many fresh living nutrients in me as possible without having to suffer through chewing and tasting them? Well one way is to blend the shit out of em! Making a morning smoothie kills two birds with one stone: I get my nutrients to start my day off right and enough fiber to poop like a horse PLUS I don’t have to cook breakfast I just fill the blender and press go. Easy!

Here’s my recipe for the smoothie I drink every morning. People always give me weird looks and make jokes when I roll into the gym sipping on it but it’s the best thing I eat all day! It’s packed with fruits and vegetables, a good does of healthy fats added for satiety and texture, and protein to make it a balanced meal. Plus with the fruit and protein powder it tastes much better than it looks. It’s a bit chunky with the kale but if you want it a bit smoother I’d cut the kale back. If you’re a super late riser or just not a morning person, try cutting up and portioning out everything the night before so all you have to do is fill the blender and press go in the morning.

Oh, by the way, I know this 1000 calorie smoothie is a lot of food. The way I drink it is I drink one cup for breakfast and then an hour or two later I drink the other half. Next meal is lunch. It keeps me full and energetic all morning. Try it out!